There are a few speed cameras about - when you see a sign warning you - they mean it!!  There are a couple at service stations/laybyes that are mobile so beware. 130Km/h is the speed limit in the dry, 110 in the wet. It takes me 8 - 8.5 hours to get from the Tunnel to the apartment.


Take the A26 out of Calais and head south – you stay on this road for the next 170 miles or so (mostly toll road).

Next take the A4 (NOT towards Paris) - probably signed Troyes - for about 23 miles and then go back on to A26 for 61 miles towards Dijon - this becomes the A31 (E17) for 115 miles -- keep going toward Dijon.

Take the Dole exit on to the A39 (signed Geneva/Milan?) for about 87 miles until you reach the A40  (Autoroute Blanche).


Take the A40  and stay on this for about 90 miles (also toll road – several stages)  – various other major roads split off but concentrate on signs for  Chamonix and Mont Blanc tunnel  – leave at exit 18 (Scionzier/Cluses)

Follow the signs for Les Gets through Cluses (town where you leave the A40) and as you leave the town you will start climbing.


You come through a couple of hamlets after Cluses and only one more town before Les Gets – this is Taninges – it is a long straight road through Taninges  until you come to a T-junction – turn right at this junction and then a reasonably quick left (the main road actually goes left but it is not obvious and you can miss the turn) – some serious climbing starts here – there are a few 180 degree plus turns so watch your speed – not as important going up but watch them anyway.


You will eventually come to Les Gets – the road forks as you enter Les Gets – stay on the left fork and starting looking for signs to Morzine.


Directions From Calais






When you approach Morzine you will see signs for St Jean D’Aulps at a fairly new roundabout  - follow these.


About a mile or two after you pass the shopping area (big Carrefour supermarket) on your right you will come to St Jean - just before the 1st pedestrian crossing you need to turn left off the main road down a small side road and that takes you down a hill, over a bridge and back up the other side of the valley - it's small and bendy but due to road works and one way systems its the best way in at the moment. (If you miss the turn you will very quickly pass a big yellow building (hospital) on the left - either turn round or follow the "Deviation" drirections below.) At the end of the small bendy road you will come to the main road in/out of Moussiere - turn right and then after you pass the church on your left turn left and go up the hill to La Grande Terche.


Follow this extremely winding road until you reach La Grande Terche – drive through the short shopping area and you come to a T-junction with the ski-slopes in front of you (Pere Bill restaurant on your right).


Turn left passing the bubble lifts and mini-market and past the apartment blocks on your right – at the last apartment block turn right and go up the hill to the end – we are the last block you come to – there is an underground garage if you follow the road to the very end and in the garage is a lift that comes up directly outside our front door – so unload there and go to 6th floor with your stuff.


Parking – there is another way into the block that is at 3rd floor level (where the ski rooms are) – most of the parking is here –  to get there you turn left shortly before our block and go up the short hill – turn right at top and see what’s available – there is another lift at this level too.


Our garage is in the block of  6 on the right as you go up – it is the first one you come to going up (#8 )



If you miss the turn before the hospital you will end up in St Jean D’Aulps – go all the way through the village and as you leave on the middle partt of an S bend there is turn to the left also  - take that and follow the road to the top - turn right up the hill BEFORE the church and follow the instructions above.