Turning Points in La Grande Terche

This is Moussiere when you come out of the valley road - church will now be on your left - you turn left after the church. If coming from Thonon church will be on your right - turn just before it.

P1000699 P1000700 P1000703 P1000704 P1000705 P1000706

This is LGT - the Ski lifts are to the left and ESF directly in front - Pere Bill restaurant on your right- turn left here.

This is just after the Ski lifts - you will go up the hill to the right after the last block of flats (watch for potholes and badly repaired bump at the bottom)

This is a closer view than the last picture - go right and keep going until the next picture....

There are 2 entrances to the apartment block - turn right here and open the main garage side door - unload your car - the lifts are at the end to the right and go to xx floor.

Normally you would park in garage # 8 which is the 1st one shown here (turn left in last picture).

The other entrance is up this way and is on the 3rd floor